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Unreal Engine 5: Discover Free Assets in December 2023

Unreal Engine 5: Discover Free Assets in December 2023

Unreal Engine 5 continues to revolutionize the world of game development with its cutting-edge features and tools. As we approach the end of 2023, it's exciting to explore the latest free assets available in the Unreal Marketplace. These assets are not only a treasure trove for game developers but also a testament to the continuous support and generosity of the Unreal Engine community.

Free Assets Overview

Each month, Unreal Engine partners with creators to offer a selection of free content to the Unreal Engine (UE) community. This initiative is a boon for artists, designers, and programmers, providing them with high-quality resources at no extra cost​​. December 2023 is no different, offering a diverse range of assets that cater to various genres and styles.

1. LUSH: Stylized Environment Set by PolyPeak 3D

The "LUSH: Stylized Environment Set" by PolyPeak 3D is a remarkable asset for those looking to immerse themselves in nature within their game environments. This collection includes 50 meshes, enabling developers to create stunning, stylized forests. Additionally, it features tools for landscape generation, providing the perfect backdrop for serene and calming environments​​.

LUSH: Stylized Environment Set in Environments - UE Marketplace
LUSH: Stylized Environment Set consists of 50 Stylized/Optimized Meshes and a Simple Stylized Water Component that are essential for anyone looking to create beautiful Stylized Environments.
2. Modular Victorian House by ZhenyaChistovsky

For creators aiming to design games with a historical or detective theme, the "Modular Victorian House" by ZhenyaChistovsky is an invaluable asset. It offers a fully modular environment, along with high-quality furniture and decoration assets. The set includes lighting options for both day and night scenes, making it ideal for crafting game-ready levels for horror or detective games​​.

Modular Victorian House in Environments - UE Marketplace
The “Victorian House” - Ready game level. Full Modularity. About 1920 high quality assets for your game.
3. Greek Island by Scale 3D

Scale 3D's "Greek Island" collection transports developers to a warmer climate, ideal for creating a seaside Greek island setting. This asset pack includes homes, an ancient temple, and various small props for decoration. Its procedural foliage and ocean Blueprint breathe life into the Greek coast, providing an immersive experience​​.

Greek Island in Environments - UE Marketplace
Greek Island with temple, and villages
4. Easy Combo Buffering by BP Systems

For those developing fighting games, "Easy Combo Buffering" by BP Systems is a must-have. This Blueprint introduces a combo input buffering system, allowing players to execute inputs seamlessly. It supports unlimited inputs, combo branches, and includes a melee weapon system, elevating the gameplay experience for fighting game enthusiasts​​.

Easy Combo Buffering in Blueprints - UE Marketplace
Add combo input buffering system to your project in a couple of minutes.
5. Procedural NPC Crowds V2 by Komodobit Games

"Procedural NPC Crowds V2" by Komodobit Games is essential for creating dynamic city scenes. This plugin allows developers to construct large, optimized crowd systems, where each NPC reacts realistically to the game world. With its behavior tree, developers can customize NPC reactions, maintaining high frame rates even with hundreds of AI characters on screen​​.

Procedural NPC Crowds V2 in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace
A framework for quickly implementing large scale, optimized crowd systems with 100s of AI on screen.

The Impact of Free Assets

The availability of free assets in Unreal Engine 5 significantly impacts the game development community. It democratizes access to high-quality resources, enabling indie developers and hobbyists to create professional-level games. These assets not only save time and resources but also inspire creativity and innovation in the gaming world.


Unreal Engine 5's free assets for December 2023 exemplify the platform's commitment to supporting and nurturing the game development community. By providing these resources, Unreal Engine not only empowers creators of all levels but also contributes to the ever-evolving landscape of video game design.