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Remnant 2: Review of the Action-Packed Sequel

Remnant 2: Review of the Action-Packed Sequel

This review dives deep into the game's core aspects, examining its performance against the backdrop of its predecessor and current gaming standards.

Improved Combat and Gameplay Mechanics

The sequel notably excels in its combat system. Players have noted smoother and more satisfying gunplay, with a significant improvement over the first game. The diverse array of weapons, along with their alternate firing modes, adds depth and excitement to the combat experience. For instance, you can launch an egg that breaks open to release a horde of space crabs, adding a unique twist to the gameplay​​​​.

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Enhanced Character Customization

It features a very good character building system. The selection of distinct Archetypes, each with unique perks and skills, allows for a personalized approach to combat. Furthermore, the game now offers the ability to combine different Archetypes, unlocking double the perks and skills. This level of customization gives players the freedom to create unique builds that cater to their playstyle​​.

Procedurally Generated Worlds

One of the game's standout features is its procedural generation. Each playthrough offers a new experience with dynamically generated realms, dungeons, and enemy placements. This unpredictability keeps the gameplay fresh and challenging, encouraging multiple playthroughs​​​​.

Cooperative Gameplay

Remnant 2's cooperative gameplay is a significant draw. The entire campaign can be played with friends, adding a layer of teamwork and strategy. The cooperative mode requires players to be considerate of resource management, as ammo drops are unique to each player, but most other resources are shared​​.

RPG Elements and Progression

The game boasts an extensive range of traits and relics that can be used to enhance your character. These traits and relics add an RPG layer to the gameplay, enabling players to develop their characters in various ways. As players progress, they unlock additional Archetypes and trait points, which can be strategically used to boost their character's abilities​​.

Dungeon Exploration and Boss Fights

Exploring dungeons in "Remnant 2" is both rewarding and challenging. With distinct doorways signaling different types of dungeons, players can expect a mix of boss fights and exploration. The variety in boss battles and the unpredictability of what lies ahead make for a thrilling experience​​.

Accessibility and Difficulty Options

The game offers a range of accessibility options, including subtitles and customizable controls. It also features three initial difficulty settings, catering to different skill levels, although even the easier settings pose a considerable challenge​​.

Adventure Mode

Upon completing a world, players unlock Adventure Mode. This mode allows for replaying completed maps and boss fights without affecting story progress. It's an excellent way for players to farm resources and experience different aspects of the game without starting over​​.

Storyline and Narrative

While the game excels in gameplay and mechanics, its narrative aspect falls short. The story, revolving around a post-apocalyptic Earth and interdimensional beings, lacks depth and fails to create a lasting impact. This shortcoming, however, is overshadowed by the game's engaging gameplay and diverse worlds​​​​.


So, this title appears to be improved upon its predecessor in almost every aspect. Its engaging combat, deep customization, and procedural generation make it a must-play for fans of the genre. Despite its narrative shortcomings, the game's core mechanics and replayability offer a satisfying experience for both solo and cooperative play​​​​.

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