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November's Top Free Unreal Engine Assets

November's Top Free Unreal Engine Assets

Each month, Unreal Engine, thanks to its partnership with creators, releases a selection of free assets to the UE community. This month's offerings include a diverse range of assets, from gothic environments to handy grocery store props. These resources are invaluable for artists, designers, and programmers looking to enhance their projects without additional costs. Let's dive into the specifics of these exciting assets.

1. Modular Gothic/Fantasy Environment by Stormcrow Studios

Modular Gothic/Fantasy Environment in Environments - UE Marketplace
A Modular Gothic Fantasy Environment

Imagine a world where the gothic charm meets fantasy. The "Modular Gothic/Fantasy Environment" from Stormcrow Studios brings this vision to life. It features 63 modular meshes that let you create a range of environments - from soaring spires to cavernous vaults and precarious bridges. The assets are versatile, allowing for full customization with vertex-paintable materials, perfect for adding a personal touch. Additionally, the package includes both daytime and nighttime maps, offering varied atmospheric settings for your game scenes​​.

2. Low Poly Town by PolyArt3D

Low Poly Town in Environments - UE Marketplace
PolyArt3D presents - Low Poly Town!

PolyArt3D's "Low Poly Town" is a playful and colorful asset pack ideal for various game genres like RPG, FPS, third-person, and top-down games. This set includes over 150 mobile-friendly, VR-ready models, such as houses, walls, lamps, cars, trees, and modular roads. One of the highlights is the flock of flying birds, adding life and dynamism to your virtual towns. The pack also provides a demo map and an overview map, helping developers quickly integrate these assets into their projects​​.

3. Grocery Store Props Collection by JessyStorm's Assets

Grocery store props collection in Props - UE Marketplace
Grocery store props package made in realistic style.

JessyStorm's Assets brings to the table an extensive "Grocery Store Props Collection." This collection is remarkably detailed, featuring over 400 assets, including shelving, refrigerators, cash registers, groceries, and even security office and warehouse assets. Attention to detail is evident, with elements like ductwork, lighting, electrical wiring, and ventilation included. This asset pack is perfect for adding realism and depth to any grocery store scene in your game​​.

4. Survivors Roguelike - Multiplayer Game Template by Monster Tooth Studios

Survivors Roguelike - Multiplayer Game Template in Blueprints - UE Marketplace
Template ready for customization to create your own coop survivors roguelike game!

Monster Tooth Studios' "Survivors Roguelike - Multiplayer Game Template" is a game-changer for developers focusing on multiplayer experiences. This template is designed entirely using Blueprints, offering a robust set of features like ability, level up, and spawning systems. It's an excellent foundation for creating dynamic, engaging multiplayer games, ensuring players remain hooked for hours. The versatility of this asset makes it suitable for various game genres, providing a solid base for development​​.

5. Defender: Animated Dialogue System by Game Dev Voyager

Defender: Animated Dialogue System in Blueprints - UE Marketplace
Defender: Animated Dialogue System is an easy to use and very flexible dialogue creator with typewriter text animation, different choices, triggering events, bubble above characters, text-formatting, gamepad support, cinematic mode and much more!

The "Defender: Animated Dialogue System" from Game Dev Voyager is a comprehensive tool for enhancing conversational interactions in games. It features typewriter text animation, branching for multiple choices, event triggering, dialogue bubbles, and text formatting. The system also supports gamepad input and includes a cinematic mode, making it a versatile addition to any game looking to improve its narrative delivery and player engagement​​.

This month's free Unreal Engine assets offer a rich variety of resources to elevate any game project. From the atmospheric gothic environment to the detailed grocery store props, each asset pack opens up new creative possibilities. These free resources are a testament to Unreal Engine's commitment to supporting the developer community. Be sure to download them while they're available, and keep an eye out for next month's selection!