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Novashell: A 2D Game Maker

Novashell: A 2D Game Maker

Novashell, a high-level 2D game creation system, emerged as a noteworthy tool in the realm of game development, particularly for those inclined towards crafting adventure and RPG games. Initially released in 2006, this engine aimed at simplifying the complex aspects of game development, though its active development ceased in 2009​​​​.

Features and Functionality

One of Novashell's key attractions was its ability to manage intricate processes behind the scenes. It boasted features such as pathfinding, dialog management, and dynamic map construction and deconstruction, all vital for adventure and RPG games​​​​​​​​. Its map editor, equipped with the functionality to export maps as XML for use with other game engines, further added to its versatility​​.

The engine was lauded for its user-friendly design, supporting easy game sharing and modding, reinforcing its appeal to a community-driven development approach. Its design philosophy embraced the concept of cut-and-paste functionality, allowing for real-time additions and removals even during gameplay​​​​.

Moreover, Novashell included a built-in editor with multiple undo options and Photoshop-style hotkeys, Lua scripting with scripts assigned to entities having their own local namespace, hierarchal goal-based AI, pathfinding, 2D physics using Box2D, and the capacity for fully persistent, live modifiable maps​​.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

A significant aspect of Novashell was its cross-platform support. Games, worlds, and mods created using this engine were playable on Windows, OS X, and Linux without necessitating any changes, catering to a wider audience and developer base​​​​.

Community Reception

The community's response to Novashell was generally positive, with an average rating of 8 out of 10 based on six user votes, reflecting its utility and popularity among its users​​.

Limitations and Challenges

Despite its innovative features, Novashell was not without its limitations. The project's active development phase was relatively short-lived, spanning from 2006 to 2009​​. Its discontinuation meant that certain aspects, like the Mac/Linux builds, were left unrefined​​. The original creator, Seth Robinson, candidly expressed regret at not fully utilizing the engine for larger projects, despite its potential​​.


In retrospect, Novashell represented a significant stride in simplifying game development, especially for indie developers and enthusiasts. Its user-friendly design, comprehensive feature set, and cross-platform compatibility made it a valuable tool in its time. While it's no longer in active development, the legacy of Novashell lives on through its open-source availability, serving as a historical artifact and a learning resource for aspiring game developers​​​​.

Download Information

For those interested, Novashell is still available for download, with the latest build for Windows updated as of April 4, 2023. Older versions for Mac and Linux are also accessible, though with certain limitations and requirements​​.